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Essential Wii U Virtual Console Games

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Earlier at E3, Nintendo showed some fantastic-looking Wii U games, but the problem is, most of the games are scheduled to be released in 2015.

Yeah, that is great for the company?s long-term prospects, but in the near-term, it?s quite not. But the good news is, Wii U has ?access to a ton of great games in Wii ? Wii U is the only gaming console that is backward-compatible. Then there is the Virtual Console.

Although Wii U offered fewer Virtual Console games than Wii did, Wii U is quite denser with quality, and we?ve picked some titles that we think are the best.


Why does this game, which was released 20 years ago, command an undying devotion among some fans? Probably because the game was simply one of a kind. A down to earth, coming of age tale, a pastiche of American pop culture and a satire of role-playing clich?s, this game is most certainly unique. The older you get, the more you will appreciate Earthbound.

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Basically, every Zelda game is a link to the past, but only a few of them hit the right notes the way this game did. Taking the game back to its roots after the uneven adventure of Link, the game established a formula that would be copied many decades to come, and not just by a dozen other Zelda games; it is the template for adventure games, period. With its progression gated thru the procurement of new tools and weapons, self-contained dungeon, valuable treasures hidden throughout the entire game?s world, the only reason A Link to the Past does not feel as inspired as it did?in?1992 is because the game had been ripped off numerous times. But despite of all that, it?s still fantastic.


Megaman X
The moment Megaman?s NES adventures started to grow through initialization and repetition, Keiji Indian and his crew?s attention were shifted to the Super NES and totally reinvented the game. Megaman X games became old quickly, but it came back strong with this 1993 classic. With richer mechanics, excellent graphics, inventive level design, better weapons, and a whole new feel and look, the game reminded everyone why they?d been in love with Megaman 2.


WarioWare: Mega Microgame$
At some point, Wario?s development team got sick of putting their character in Mario-style platformers and decided to cut him loose to put Wario into every kind of game.
WarioWare takes a manic approach to the mini-game collection concept, reducing almost every one of its numerous challenges to just a few seconds long. In the game, you basically have a very limited time to read the simple goal that will make sense of the scene that will flash on your screen, and complete the task as quickly as possible.

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