Essential tips and tricks for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet

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Ever wondered if your Nexus 7 has any handy secrets you can exploit? If you have, then this is the guide for you. Google’s Android tablet is just brimming with handy shortcuts and tricks that can make your user experience even better. In case you didn’t know, you can change screen orientation, conserve battery, automate some features, zoom in and so much more as long as you know your way around your device.

So if you want to use your Nexus 7 to its fullest potential, here are some essential tips and tricks for your Nexus 7:

1. Group your apps to keep your home screen clean.

When you keep downloading your favorite apps, your home screen and app screen can get really cluttered. A good habit to develop whenever you download a new app is to create groups. Just tap and hold over the app icon then drag it to the other apps you want to group it with. Create separate groups for games, to-do-lists, messaging and other apps.

2. Zoom in with a triple tap.

For users with big fingers or have trouble reading the buttons, being able to zoom in is essential to using the Nexus 7. Simply tap on the area you want to zoom in three times and wait for the screen to zoom in.

3. Highlight text for copying and pasting.

Another important user function on any tablet or electronic device is to highlight and copy text. You may need to recover a password or search for a passage you read. Press and hold over the text you want to highlight and wait for the word you’re pressed to get highlighted. Drag the borders of the highlighted area up to where you need to copy. Once you let go, it will ask you if you want to copy the highlighted text.

4. Kill apps to speed up your device.

Just like any computer, when there are a lot of programs and services open at the same time, the processing speed slows down. To close the apps you don’t need, tap the button at the bottom of the screen that’s shaped like two piece of paper one on top of the other. This opens a list of apps on the left. Tap the app and select the option to close it.

5. Disable app notifications.

Your notifications can clutter up your screen too. Go to the settings app and the notifications option. Disable notifications for games you don’t really play or other apps that you don’t use all the time. Keep in mind that whenever you let an app receive notifications, it automatically activates and is left running in the background.



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