Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Already Accused of Trademark Infringement

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Essential phone trademark infringement

Last week, hardcore Android fans got a treat from one of the founders of their favorite mobile operating system. Andy Rubin officially announced his very own Android device, the Essential phone. The device features a unique display cutout, somewhat similar to the iPhone 8, and a collection of other specialized features.

While Android fans are still celebrating and anticipating the release of the Essential phone, Spigen, producer of various computer and mobile accessories, has sought to ask Rubin to rethink his branding.

It would seem that Spigen already has a claim to the phrase “essential” to pertain to its range of computer and mobile accessories. The company has sent Rubin’s company a letter asking it to use another name for its product so as not to infringe Spigen’s trademark.

The trademark in question, according to Android Police, was filed last August 2016. This filing covers products relating to computers and scientific devices including smartphones and accessories. Although Spigen does not sell any mobile phones or smartphones, this still creates conflicts and potential confusion for customers.

Essential phone trademark infringement

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From the looks of it, Rubin is very much aware of the issue. In fact, his company filed for a trademark earlier this year and was denied because of likely confusion. After the initial filing, the Rubin tried again with “Essential Products” and was once again denied by the trademark office.

Spigen’s representative has already sent a letter to Rubin’s lawyers regarding the issue. Until now, Spigen is still waiting for an answer from Rubin’s camp.

It is still uncertain whether Rubin will consider changing the name of his product and his company. So far, he has spent a considerable amount of money in marketing and branding. However, there is still a chance that the two companies will reach an agreement anytime soon. Meanwhile, an Essential spokesperson released a comment about the issue at hand:

“Threat letters are commonplace in our sector. While it’s Spigen’s prerogative to make assertions, Essential believes they are without merit and will respond appropriately.”

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