Essential Phone Loses Top Executive Amidst Essential PH-1 Delays

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Essential PH-1 delayed

According to Essential CEO Andy Rubin, his company is targeting an end of June release date for the Essential PH-1 Android phone. However, it has been many weeks since June and fans are still hoping to get a glimpse of the upcoming flagship phone. To make matters worse, Essential is currently undergoing a top management reshuffle as its Vp of marketing resigns from his post.

According to Business Insider, Essential top executive Brian Wallace, who handles the company’s marketing department has now filed for his resignation. Wallace will now begin his tenure at, a company started by pop star as the new Chief Marketing Officer.

Unfortunately, even with this additional setback, Rubin and his company has remained quiet. The company is yet to release an official statement regarding the management changes and the Essential PH-1 delay.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is not that uncommon for startups to miss their deadlines. However, Rubin’s complete silence about the matter can be quite alarming especially for fans.

Essential PH-1 delayed

Essential PH-1 with 360-degree camera module (via

Just as June came to an end, Essential did not even release any statement on the delay of the Essential PH-1. After making a big fuss about the phone in the previous months, consumers are now facing an outright silence from the company.

Fans and consumers alike are hoping that, at some point, Rubin will release an official statement or confirmation about the Essential PH-1 release.

The Essential PH-1 will be Rubin’s first mobile device after selling the rights to the Android operating system to Google. On release, the phone can be picked up for $699; somewhat cheaper than mainstream Android phones. The phone will also come with a few other accessories available for purchase, like the unique 360-degree camera module.

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