Essential Finalizing Global Deals for Essential PH-1 Amidst Delays

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Essential PH-1 global deals being finalized

People who knew Andy Rubin would know that he is one of the founders of what most people know now as Android. The operating system has become one of the most successful mobile OS since it was sold to Google many years ago. And after all those years of staying low key, Rubin has finally resurfaced with the Essential PH-1.

The Essential PH-1 is an Android-based smartphone that is the brainchild of Rubin himself. He has been working closely on the product since its inception to its introduction a few months ago. However, after promising the Android crowd that the phone will get released a month after the announcement, fans are still waiting for an update. Luckily, they did get one, although not something that they expected.

According to a report from Financial Times, Essential is currently trying to close the deals on major network providers globally. The report said that the phone maker is finishing up the discussions with UK carriers EE and others. It seems like Essential is looking for exclusivity for the Essential PH-1, said the report.

Essential PH-1 global deals being finalized

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In addition to the UK, Essential is also building up ties with the rest of Europe and Japan. As for the United States, it has been reported ages ago that Sprint will be the exclusive carrier for the Essential PH-1.

Unfortunately, Financial Times did not indicate the pricing for other regions. Nevertheless, in the U.S., the phone will cost $699 without a plan.

Until this point, the actual release date of the phone is still a mystery. Other than saying the its release is “imminent” nothing much is said about the issue. For now, all that can be done is wait and see how everything pans out. Consumers who are thinking of getting the newest Android phone in town can probably wait a little longer. Who knows, we might get lucky. Rubin might release the phone sometime at the end of July.

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