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ESPN Keith Olbermann Twitter War with Penn State Students

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Image source Wikimedia Commons By ESPN, Inc. (theguardian.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Keith Olbermann of ESPN had recently been suspended for being involved in?a Twitter war against?Penn State Students

When you hear or read the word war, some people will automatically associate that with guns, bombs, tanks and rockets. However, war can also be an exchange of words, hurtful words. Now, many people on the internet are involved in this kind of war. Whether it?d be in a forum, comment section of a website, or even on Twitter?some people might call this one the Twitter War.

Recently, ESPN host Keith Olbermann got himself involved in this kind of war or Twitter War rather. He sent some insulting tweets against the Penn State students and it was in fact, childish.

Twitter War, ESPN Keith Olbermann against Penn State students

Last February 24, Tuesday, ESPN had made a statement that they are fully aware of what happened between Keith Olbermann and the Penn State students? Twitter War that broke out the night before that?February 23, Monday. On their statement [via deadline], ?We are aware of the exchange Keith Olbermann had on Twitter last night regarding Penn State, It was completely inappropriate and does not reflect the views of ESPN. We have discussed it with Keith, who recognizes he was wrong. ESPN and Keith have agreed that he will not host his show for the remainder of this week and will return on Monday. The annual tradition of THON and the efforts of the students of Penn State to fight pediatric cancer should be applauded?

It all started when a student from PSU sent Keith Olbermann a tweet and a link that shows the amount of money they have raised on their charity event. Lisa Aiello DeLeon sent a message saying ?We Are!? and followed by a link to their achievement.

Apparently, the ESPN host response for that tweet was totally uncalled for. His reply, which only consists of one word, was ?Pitiful?.

Because of his response, many Penn State University students have also joined in and one thing lead to another, a full blown Twitter War, exchange of insulting messages and strong words like name calling and bashing.

But on Tuesday, Keith Olbermann had twitted his apologies and admitted that what he did was not only stupid but also childish. ?I apologize for the PSU tweets. I was stupid and childish and way less mature than the students there who did such a great fundraising job.?

The host, because of what he did, was suspended until next week Monday, as stated on ESPN?s public announcement.

Image source Wikimedia Commons

By ESPN, Inc. (theguardian.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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