Escape Dead Island Features: Upcoming Game Has Realistic Zombie Scenario

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While most zombie games do not require patience and a little bit of creativity (all you need to have is an unlimited amount of ammo and ability to aim at something), the new Dead Island game is much more different than the others.

The new Escape Dead Island has a different plot and quite twisted animation. The protagonist, Cliff Carlo, has been washed up in a seemingly weird island. He?s not feeling really well, so your control of him might be a little dizzy. The thing is he?s having a hallucination. Although the zombies are real, you might have some trouble separating real life from fantasy. Just like the Bohemian Rhapsody, most of the battle you will encounter is inside your own mind. So get ready to be mind-blown.

Why this game is different from other zombie games?

Most of the zombie games will only require a bullet to the face, but this one, you have to move like the wind. You have to be a ninja to be able to succeed in this game because if you are way too noisy, zombies will get you right away. You have to be a master of distraction, the ability to mislead. You can trigger things that makes sounds, so be mindful of those things.

Anyway, stealth is not the only thing that you would require since you will be encountering zombie bosses. There will be special zombies and overly-attached zombies that will follow you to almost everywhere and you have to deal with them head on. You are not immune to the virus that is spreading from the zombies, keep that in mind. You can also explore a lot of unlockable areas in the game, which is pretty interesting.

Publisher Deep Silver will be handling Escape Dead Island, the same with all the Dead Island series which was announced during the Sony?s E3 2014 press conference. The Dead Island: Epidemic is a MOBA game and now currently in closed beta.



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