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Erase the difficulty of side-sleeping with the help of this L-shaped memory foam gel pillow

It comes with a washable and removable cover to give you a fresh feeling every time

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No one can say that side-sleeping is the most comfortable sleeping position ever. But if you notice you always wake up facing either side of your bed, you’re probably one of the people who enjoy this position. However, it’s not always that you get to wake up with a great feeling even after sleeping in your favorite form.

It’s time to remove your side-sleeping woes with Spoon’s Side Sleeper Ultimate Gel Memory Foam Pillow!

What is Spoon Side Sleeper pillow?

Spoon’s Side Sleeper is your new sleeping buddy designed to make bedtime more comfortable and consistent. It uses a memory foam technology that aids back pains, customizes support, and provides a body-hugging comfort you always want from your bed. It also comes with an ergonomic L-shape design to support your back and neck all night.

What else aside from being for side-sleepers?

This product is also fit for pregnant women. It helps them relieve discomfort during sleep and works as a nursing pillow to alleviate neck and back pains.

What makes this pillow a must-have is it uses a memory foam infused with gel beads to make the plushy feel cooler. That way, you get to feel lighter and more relaxed.

Does it come with complimentary items?

No problem! Side Sleeper also comes with the following takeaways:

  • Responsive shredded latex pillow
  • Down pillow
  • Comfy comforter

Do I need an L-shaped pillowcase now?
Side Sleeper comes with a washable pillow cover that offers several benefits. One of which is its moisture-management properties that aid in keeping up with the optimal sleeping temperature. With these, your periods of sleep will be more relaxed and comfortable.


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