Epic Games? Tim Sweeney Attacks Microsoft UWP Over Monopolizing PC Gaming, Later Says There is No Proof

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Epic Game?s CEO Tim Sweeney recently said that Microsoft is killing PC Gaming by monopolizing. In his recent interview, Sweeney pleaded to developers to raise their voices against Microsoft?s Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Microsoft has also responded to his remarks suggesting that there is nothing like what Sweeney says. Recently when Sweeney was asked about the proof, he admitted that he is not up to date about the UWP program by Microsoft.

When the legendary programmer Sweeney attacked Microsoft over UWP, his words sparked a huge controversy. He said that the future of the Windows PC is at risk because the recent push by Microsoft to unify the Windows platform across Xbox, mobile and PC will certainly bring darkness to PC gaming. But recently the man admitted that he has no proof about what he said in his interview with The Guardian. The man admitted that he is not up to date with what?s going on in UWP initiative by Microsoft.

In a podcast by Polygon, Sweeney says that he only fears about any such move by Microsoft. He added he has no proof of any evil plans by Microsoft. After his remark on the tech giant, people have started asking him about various things on Twitter. Sweeney replied to many tweets but not all of his tweets are supporting his allegations. Even he admitted that he needs to update himself with the documentation.

It is really important for Sweeney that he should have updated himself before saying something against a popular game publisher. He should have also kept the things clear because at some point he says that they have been in talks with Microsoft about UWP for 18 months and he also says that he?s happy with what Spencer said about Microsoft?s move. It is possible that something is going behind the scenes between Epic Games and Microsoft, and ultimately this is coming out in a different form.

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