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Entwined: An Abstract Action Game That Will Soon Be Available For PS Vita and PS3

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Pixel Opus Creative Director Dominic Robilliard has announced that the abstract game Entwined will be launched for PS Vita and PlayStation 3 very soon. The announcement was made on PlayStation Blog. Entwined is currently available for the PlayStation 4 console.

Game?s Inspiration

The game?s story revolves around two souls; although very much in love, could not be together. These souls are represented by a fish and a bird. When these two souls combined they transform into a dragon.

In the blog, the director wrote, ?The story was inspired by our first concept art?reminded us of an ancient Chinese book Zhuangzi, There was a story about Peng, a giant bird that transforms from a Kun which is a giant fish. In conjunction with several other concepts, like reincarnation and Chinese folklore of carps turning into dragons when leaping through the dragon gate, we came upon the story of Entwined: a fish and bird representing two souls who are in love but cannot be together. One lives in the ocean, one soars in the sky, always separated by fate, reality and distance.?

Pixel Opus, the developer of Entwined, is composed of students from the Carnegie Mellon University. The game was announced during the press conference at E3 2014, and surprisingly launched on the same day on PlayStation Network (PSN).

Game Objective and Controls

The game requires that the player must learn to control the two characters at same time, in order to transform them into a dragon. The two souls will go through nine different lifetimes and player must guide them to overcome the obstacles set in each lifetime.

The key to winning is the successful handling of the two stick controls since you both control the two characters. While overcoming the obstacles, the two souls must also collect orbs in order to successfully complete each lifetime.

A game of this genre about abstract arts does not come out often, particularly for a PlayStation 4 platform. Although the game?s story and controls are easy to understand, it can take a while for a player to master the controls. ?

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