Enter The Gungeon PS4 Update: Major Patch Coming In January

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Gamers across the globe will be to know that Enter The Gungeon PS4 will receive an update in January. The patch has lot to offer adding new contents in the gameplay. This update will as well?synchronize the PS4 version to the PC version.

For quite some time already, the PS4 version of the game has been really behind the PC version. This is an issue that a lot of players have been wanting the developers to address. Luckily, the update will finally attended the issue.

A post from Devolver Digital on Reddit said, ?We know the PS4 version has been one major version behind PC for over two months now.”??But this update will bring all platforms back into sync with version 1.1.0 and all of the new Supply Drop content. We also now have access to more tools for finding and diagnosing crash issues on PS4, and we?ll be spending time over the next two weeks specifically improving PS4 stability,? added the post.

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Now, here are the patch notes of the upcoming update on Enter The Gungeon PS4:


  • New Supply Drop update content!


  • Did a balancing pass on a number of underused guns/items
  • Added a Tiny UI option
  • Added “Allow Unknown Controllers” and XInput toggles to the gameplay options (formerly required launch options to change)
  • The High Priest will no longer spawn “wall bullets” inside the room; these spawn offscreen and float into view
  • The Gunsling King will no longer ask players to clear a room without dodgerolling if the room can’t be traversed without rolling over pits

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Evil Muncher’s dialogue didn’t match its actions
  • The patch will fix an issue where getting hit with only half a heart in the Gunsling King’s “no hit” challenge caused a soft lock
  • The update will fix a tinting issue with some Bosses’s VFX
  • Update will fix a text issue with the Hero’s Bandana in French
  • Patch will fix an issue where Aged Gunsingers didn’t have an animation for falling into pits
  • Fixed a bug where the Bullet Bore could leave hanging bullets when killing the Revolvenant
  • The patch will fix an issue where Lore Gunjurer’s bullets weren’t immediately destroyed by Blasphemy
  • The update will remove the hallway cheese spot in the High Priest fight
  • Fixed a number of exceptions (silent issues that can cause odd gameplay behavior)

There you have it! All the details you need to know about the update on Enter The Gungeon PS4. Developers has not announced yet as to when they will release the patch. But, it is going to roll out some time in January. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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