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Enter the Gungeon arriving to the PS4 on April

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This upcoming top-down shooter lets you use a large variety of guns and it looks fun

Enter the Gungeon is an upcoming top-down dungeon crawler that will soon be available for Steam and PlayStation 4 on April 5. The game will be developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital. Dodge Roll is composed of 5 people and this will be their first game. The game lets you choose from the different Gungeoneers where they must venture into the Gungeon and find the gun that will let them erase their pasts. It looks like there is some mystery about these Gungeoneers. But they must survive the Gungeon if they want to claim the gun, and that means they will be descending to different levels where everything will be different as each will be randomly generated to add more intensity to the adventure. And let us not forget the Cult of the Gundead trying to take you down as well.

What makes Enter the Gungeon unique is that it adds some bullet hell elements to the game where enemies will be throwing a ton of bullets towards you. But you can avoid this by doing a roll and players must fight back by using a different arsenal of weapons at your disposal, from standard missiles and bullets to the ridiculous weapons such as shark launchers, mail launchers, rainbow spewing guns and bee launchers that chase after enemies.

This game will be easy to play but will be difficult to master as every level players descend will become more difficult. However, players do not need to venture alone as they can invite other players for a local cooperative play. You can check out the full trailer to get an idea on how Enter The Gungeon works, watch the video below. Enter the Gungeon will hit the PC via Steam and PlayStation on April 5

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