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Ensure your own and your stuff’s safety at all times with the help of this sanitizing UV box

You can take it anywhere it’s needed because of its portable design.

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Safety is not only about protection against accidents and other forms of physical harm. It also entails precautions against anything we cannot see, like a virus, for instance. And while many people acquire diseases from sources they cannot identify, it’s best to have something to stop these attacks.

Let’s start by cleaning your gadgets with Altan Robotech’s uvFreshr Pod!

What is Altan Robotech’s uvFreshr Pod?

If you think you have no means to sanitize your handsets and makeup tools, Altan Robotech uvFreshr Pod will change your views. Cleaning does not only consist of wiping any surface with some liquid substance. With this UV box, you’ll be able to free your things from unseen harm. Also, you get to sanitize them without shedding much effort.

How does it work?

The uvFreshr Pod is unique from any cleaning tools you have at home. It does not require water nor any cleaning agent except electricity to make its UV feature work. All you need is to open the chest like a cooler, place your wallets and phones inside. Turn the UV box on, and let it do wonders with your handsets. It comes with UVC mirrors inside to ensure 360° disinfection on your stuff.

What items does this clean?

  • Telephones
  • Gaming consoles
  • Toys
  • Household Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Headphones

What other features does it have?

  • Rechargeable machine
  • Smart-safety sensor
  • Guaranteed powerful 99.9% sanitation
  • Third-party approval

Is this only for home use?

No, uvFreshr is not only for your things at home. You can also use it in your office, school, or anywhere that requires steady sanitation. It comes with a leather strap to make transportation more convenient for you. That way, you’ll be sure the things you hold are always clean and free from harm.


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