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Enough about dreaming of convenience and avail of this wrist ticker that will make fitness your addiction

Wear this accessory all the time, and you’ll never have to find your phone again

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Innovation targets no specific person. Each one tends to indulge in tech-related stuff no matter what it concerns. And like most athletes and young adults, we always want to be updated, or at least award ourselves with something to make our routines more convenient. Begin exploring these advancements on simple wristwatches.

Do you wonder how far these watches can go? Meet Huawei’s Honor Band 5 Fitness Smart Bracelet.

What is Huawei’s Honor Band 5 Fitness Smart Bracelet?

Huawei’s Honor Band 5 Fitness Smart Bracelet is the newest addition to their class of smartwatches. This device brings you not only time but essential features that concern your health as well. It also has functions that make basic phone actions more accessible on the watch’s end.

How does it work?

The Honor Band 5 has different functional categories. It can work as your assistant when receiving calls, retrieving messages, and even emails. It also comes with a TruSleep monitoring technology that keeps statistics of your sleep, a great way to know the quality of your rest the past night. You will also love this device as a fitness tool because it has multi-sport modes and can help reduce exercise risks.

What more benefits can I get from this bedpiece?

    • Swim Stroke Recognition
    • Remote Camera Function
    • Running groups
    • Heart Rate Detection

Does it come with color options?
No problem with that. This device comes in three colors – black, blue and pink.

It also has eight prefabricated faces that will make your watch more representative of your taste or mood.

How do I sync this to my phone?

Simple! By Bluetooth-pairing this watch to your phone, you can enjoy all the features listed above. Also, should you lose track of your phone’s location, tap on the screen and click your bracelet and your phone will ring.

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