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Apple?s devices are (infamously) known to have fixed storage. If you need more space, then it would be your biggest problem. The only effective option you have is to use a utility such as the PhoneClean, where you can reclaim space. If you need more storage boost, then you might need to invest on a newer iPhone, iPad or iPod.

You do have another option, though. There is a growing number of devices that can provide extra storage boost for movies, music, photos, documents and other data. It may even surprise you that some of these devices are very much affordable.

Wireless Card Readers

Media hubs, also known as wireless card readers, are perfect for your storage problem. It connects through Wi-Fi to your iDevice. Instead of doing the impossible by popping a microSD inside your device, you pop it into an external drive. You can even have it handy inside your pocket or bag.

If you are up for a long trip, then you can bring along your entire music library using this device. You no longer have to listen over and over to a handful of playlists on your 16GB iPad Mini. In fact, you can even load movies to help you survive the long trips. You can store a 32GB SD, for example, with an overwhelming number of music and videos as you leave ample space on your iPad for apps and more.

Several of these similar storage devices support USB flash drives, too.

How it Works

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If you are unfamiliar with how these devices work, then here are three simple steps:

  • Connect the wireless card reader to your PC, then store any data you want
  • Install its companion app
  • Load the app, connect it to the reader, and begin browsing your data.

One key feature to note when looking for a media hub is the pass ? through option. It allows your device to remain connected through a Wi ? Fi networking while it is simultaneously connected to the reader.

Wireless Hard Drives

There are plenty of companies offering wireless hard drives for those who need more space. This means that you are the type who wants to store 500GB, 750GB or a terabyte worth of data. Since they offer more storage space, expect these devices to cost a bit more.

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