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Enjoy the benefits of CBD while staying hydrated!

This CBD-infused water is both a thirst-quencher and relaxing drink you’ll get to love

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Just when you thought your cold bottle of water couldn’t get more refreshing, then you’ll be amazed at what you’re just about to find out. An extensive range of CBD products have been dominating the markets in recent years and it isn’t hard to understand why. CBD-infused products have been known to offer promising benefits when it comes to pain relief, insomnia, anxiety and so much more.

While you can now incorporate CBD into your daily routine through edibles, gummies, chocolates, bath bombs and more, did you know you can also enjoy CBD in the form of refreshing water? That’s right! This Nanocraft CBD just made it possible!

Nanocraft CBD is a CBD-infused water that lets you stay hydrated while incorporating water into your daily routine. Each bottle contains 500ml of water that has a 10mg CBD strength.

Drinking Nanocraft is just drinking your traditional bottle of water. The only catch is that it’s definitely not your typical water. Aside from the fact that it comes in tasty flavors – Black Cherry and Cucumber, it also allows you to enjoy some of the promising and magical effects of CBD.

The ingredients used in formulating Nanocraft are very simple – just water, CBD and natural flavorings. Just like the rest of the products of Nanocraft CBD, this CBD water is made of top-shelf ingredients. This product formula is also sent to a third-party lab to be tested to ensure that they are free of THC and capable of operating as designed.
Product Features:
  • Bottle size: 500ml
  • CBD strength: 10mg
  • Flavor: Black Cherry, Cucumber Kiwi
  • Composed of just water, CBD and natural flavorings
  • THC Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Tested at a third-party laboratory
Indulging in CBD has never been simpler, more convenient and tastier. Now you can increase your water intake, stay hydrated while feeling good, chill and relaxed!

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