Enjoy sleeping in silence with everyone with the help of this anti-snoring product

Now you can finally sleep better in peace with this smart device

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Sleeping has never been fair until everyone in the room stops snoring. And while this issue remains to be a problem for most people, something pleasant and convenient has to stop it. This solution does not need too much work, but it will snap these noise problems forever.

Are you excited to sleep better in peace? Try Pur-Well’s Silent Snore Stopping Mask!

What is Silent Snore Stopping Mask?

Pur-Well is a known brand specializing in accessories that make bedtime more comfortable. The Silent Snore-Stopping Mask is one of their flagship items that aim to erase problems with a snoring partner. It’s like a typical mask everyone can wear, but it has benefits that’ll make you use it immediately.

How does this mask work?

Pur-Well works by identifying snoring sounds you begin to produce through its Smart Recognition Technology. And since physical intervention is necessary to snap snoring, you would no longer need it because this mask will then create tiny gentle vibrations. These oscillations are a form of non-physical intrusion that will not disturb your sleep.

What other essential features does this product have?

  • 36-level automatic or controlled physical intervention
  • High-density sponge for best fit
  • Lightweight and portable

Comparison of this device with others on the market

  • C-Pap – expensive airway pressure machine
  • Nasal strips – useless if you don’t have nasal issues
  • Mouthpieces – not friendly for your teeth

Is this customizable?

Absolutely! Silent Snore Stopping Mask comes with Phone Control and Intelligent Analysis features that make you connect this mask to your smartphone through Bluetooth. With its special application, you have all the options to control working modes, vibrations, and other pertinent aspects of your sleeping mask, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep all night through!

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