Enjoy side-sleeping even with a CPAP mask with this hypoallergenic pillow designed for those suffering from sleep apnea

This product is 100% all natural cotton pillow perfect for side sleepers and offers anti-aging benefits, too

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People who suffer from apnea find it hard to sleep in a comfortable position most of the time. With the Sleep & Beyond Dual Side Pillow, they can now get a deep sleep without compromising their CPAP masks.

The Sleep & Beyond Dual Side Pillow is the perfect buddy for those who prefer sleeping sideways. Most people who suffer from sleep apnea will most likely need this because it suspends their faces off the sleep surface and, therefore, supporting their CPAP masks.

This 100% natural cotton pillow also helps elevate your skin from making contact with the sleep surface. So, the chances of wrinkles and dirt entering your facial skin will be relatively low.