Enjoy limitless energy for your gadgets using this solar-powered charger

Now you don’t need to rely on power banks, this portable charger can give unlimited power to your devices?

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One thing we are most concerned about when we are traveling is the battery life of our devices. But that could be all in the past if you have a portable charger like Choetech’s 19W Solar Charger.

Choetech Solar Charger is a 19W portable solar panel that can charge your cellphone or device anywhere and anytime as long as the sun is up. Just spread it out under the scorching sunlight, and it will collect energy to charge your gadget.

Choetech Solar Charger has a high-efficiency conversion rate and can capture more sunlight compared to the regular solar chargers in the market. It is compact and attachable to your backpack for easy carry during travels. It is made to keep up with your adventurous side as it is water and dust-proof, created to withstand fearless actions on expeditions.

Our enjoyment outside our homes is often cut short because we rely too much on technologies that needed batteries. In these situations, it is wise to have a solar charger like Choetech’s to keep your devices charged and working. Experience the limitless power of the sun and ensure that you are never left with a dead device to take pictures and videos of your adventures.


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