This deep pressure stimulating blanket gives you a hugging sensation that reduces your stress and anxiety

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Sleeping is good, but sleeping in a much more comfortable environment is superb. Using BlanQuil, not only will you get better sleep, but you will also enjoy your chill moments alone.

The BlanQuil Chill-Cooling Weighted Blanket W/ Removable Cover is the perfect sleeping partner, whether for kids or adults. This blanket comes with a deep touch stimulation that’s 8%-15% of your body. It also features a cooling technology to keep heat away and make you feel fresh all night.

You’d love this product even more because it’s something you’d look for coming home from a day at work. Grab this blanket and feel that calm and soothing sensation.

This product helps relieve stress and anxiety and lets you enjoy a night of deep sleep. Experience an all-night cuddle with this blanket.


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