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Enjoy a stress-free walk with your furry friend without worrying about them running away with this smart leash

Thousands of satisfied customers swear by this product as a must-have for all dog owners

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Pet owners understand how important it is to take their furry friend out for a stroll on a regular basis. Dogs need regular exercise because it is vital to their health. However, there are days when a simple and nice stroll around the park isn’t as pleasant as it should be, especially when your dog starts running and chasing a squirrel.

The good news is there’s now a solution that helps make walking with your best friend stress-free and worry-free. With this SmartLeash, you can now take your dog for a walk with you without them running away!

SmartLeash is the first and only retractable leash that automatically keeps your dog from running away when they suddenly attempt to lunge or run. It works like a seatbelt – it automatically locks as soon as your pet tries to run.

SmartLeash operates like a typical retractable leash until your furry friend tries to run away and creates a tension on the leash. Then, what this revolutionary leash does is to automatically lock safely. It will stay that way for as long as your dog has a tension on the leash. Once your pet releases tension, SmartLeash immediately resets.
SmartLeash can lock as soon as your dog runs within about 18 inches. You’ll know it has locked when you hear a quick click. And you don’t have to worry about getting your beloved pet injured. This leash is guaranteed to be safe and friendly for pets and pet owners alike. It also comes in 4 different sizes to suit the body size of your dog.
Thanks to SmartLeash, pet owners like you now have a smart, reliable and safe way to stroll and walk your dog with you!

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