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Enjoy a fresh, restful atmosphere by using this 3-in-1 air purifying device

It has a low noise level, enough to keep you sleeping peacefully

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Besides new bedroom sheets and shiny floors, what makes your home more liveable is a friendly atmosphere. It can be in the form of fresh air, your favorite scent passing by, or some lo-fi music playing. If these make your ideal environment at home, you’re on the right page. 

If these make your ideal environment at home, you’re on the right page. Let me share one innovation that’ll help you achieve all these.

Do you feel curious about it? Meet Hubble Pure, your new partner to tranquility!

Hubble Pure is a 3-in-1 device that functions as a relaxation tool. It comes with an air purifier, a Bluetooth speaker, and a night light. When all these elements combine, you’ll more likely feel light and carefree. It’s like a counterpart of your oral remedy for relaxation. But you won’t need to worry about possible side effects from it.

Unlike other brands, Hubble Pure means business. Not only does it purify your air, but it cleans it thoroughly using its two-stage filtration system. First, it removes allergens, smoke, and bad odors. And second, it cleans dust particles, dander, pet hair, and mold with an accuracy rate of 99.97%. With these, you can be confident about breathing fresh air at home.

What more benefits does it have?

  • 3-level fan speed
  • Touch-sensitive operating panel
  • 5-color night light
  • Composite HEPA and carbon filter
  • An efficient design fit for medium-sized rooms

Does it make noise?

Don’t worry! Hubble Pure is not like an old purifying machine that strains your ears for hours. It has this ultra-quiet noise level, enough to keep the noise at a negligible level.