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Enjoy a deep and fulfilling sleep with the help of lulling sounds from earphones designed for sleep

Lull yourself to sleep and relieve your insomnia with relaxing sounds and stories from an earphone specifically designed for sleeping

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Insomnia is one of the most common sleep-related ailments that people all over the globe experience. According to statistical data available online, 70 million Americans currently suffer from different sleep disorders like insomnia.

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Because of this modern problem, people have become like zombies, endlessly tired, unproductive, and stressed. Without proper sleep, you are putting your overall health in danger. But even to this day, the commercial market is making people believe that they need medicines or supplements to achieve Sleeping Beauty’s fulfilling rest.

But most of the time, you are far from needing any medication. If you have difficulty falling or staying asleep, before hoarding sleeping pills and other sleeping supplements, why not try to listen to some white noise or relaxing music? Don’t worry about destroying your earphones during sleep. There’s an earphone that’s specifically designed to send you straight to dreamland.

HoomBand earphone is an innovative wireless flat earphone made for sleeping. It allows users to access a vast library of audio content through their app to obtain deep, restful sleep.

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HoomBand is an alternative to uncomfortable headphones for restless sleepers who need white noise to fall into slumber. The band gently wraps around your head like a headband, so the speakers align with your ears. It is ultra-thin and non-slip, so you do not need to adjust it during the night.

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Made with two ultrathin, flat speakers placed under the foam, the earphones are made for convenience, so you can hear the noise that emits from it, but won’t feel them. It’s as if you’re not wearing earphones or a headset. The headband itself is made from a 3D mesh that is soft, thin, and helps regulate temperature, so you won’t get too hot while you sleep.

HoomBand – Local Steals And Deals

This lulling device can connect to its app through Bluetooth for you to access 100 hours of audio content, including ambient sounds, documentaries, white noise, and guided meditations. With all its wonders aside, it can also function as a regular headphone that connects to your favorite apps, like YouTube, Spotify, and Headspace.

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How can Hoomband Wireless help you get sounding sleep?

Here are a few sleeping techniques from their app that you can try to achieve the best sleep of your life:


  1. Hypnosis – A clever mix of hypnosis and storytelling
  2. Cardiac Coherence –  Involves the use of biofeedback to control heart rate variability.
  3. Meditation – A narrator guides you to relax your body and mind to help you reach a deep meditative state conducive to sleep.
  4. Five senses stimulation – This method is preparing the mind to distract them from the thoughts that are keeping them awake.
  5. Binaural Frequency – Binaural beats harness the power of your left and right brains to reduce stress and improve sleep. They mix frequencies with chords to dress up stories and make them immersive.

Sleep is instrumental to a happy and healthy mind and body. Without it, your productivity will drop, and you will experience annoying mood swings. Unfortunately, a medical world focused on medicating rather than knowing the root of sleep problems means we often have to take expensive and addictive pills. But with HoomBand, you can ease your insomnia without having to pay for expensive treatments and medications.

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