Enigma Games Holds Seven Month Celebration Of Its RPG, Wargods Online

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War Gods
Wargods Online, a popular role playing game (RPG), offered two new features to social gamers during this month’s celebration

(Press Release) – Aug 31, 2009 – Cordova, TN The seven month celebration of Wargods Online ( by Enigma Games, Inc. ( was held Friday August 28, 2009. Each monthly celebration offers special features for social gamers, and this month was no exception. New to the game were character pages where players showcased their characters, including customizing their bios. Another new feature allowed players to group together and form powerful clans.

According to President and CEO Xavier Moore, “this month we will focus on adding more role playing to the game. We have a great community of gamers and look forward to seeing them flesh out their characters with player-made content”.

Wargods Online was released on the MySpace and Facebook social gaming networks on January 28, 2009, and is popular with over 50,000 players. A mobile version will be released in Summer 2009 for BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile. This will create a third world and signal the start of a 3-way world war between players on the three platforms.

Wargods Online is packed with hours of content and challenges. It mixes the classic RPG elements of character progression and dungeon crawling with the build-a-solid-team strategy using four of the 12 available character classes.

Even the most casual player catches on quickly with the simple game play options. Advanced players, however, will be challenged to master the game. Buying amulets to enhance their character’s skills, or exchanging for in-game currency, helps them gain a competitive edge.

The games boasts a few firsts, including a chat room where players discuss tactics and form alliances, in-depth character customization, and of course, ninjas.

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