Enemy Front Game Review: A Story of Resistance For Life & Liberty

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Enemy Front is another rehash of World War 3 themed games, inspired mainly by established titles like Medal of Honor and the Call of the Duty Franchise. The game is developed by City Interactive, the forefather of the Code of Honor and Sniper: Ghost Warrior Series. Enemy Front takes you to the heart of the besieged Warsaw as you travel hostile grounds in pursuit of justice and freedom. The game profoundly recounts the Warsaw Uprising.

Players assume the role of Robert Hawkins, a bold and intrepid war correspondent who joins forces with home armies, freedom fighters and partisans to deter Nazi despotism and subjugation. The game is narrated through his flashbacks, underlining Nazi atrocities in vivid detail. He works under the close eye of a pugnacious and dauntless Norwegian Commando, together with a resilient crew of men and women including a German SOE Agent, A femme fatale resistance fighter and a cluster of polish forces.


The story tells an enthralling and genuine depiction of human struggle, highlighting crucial scenes of violence and depravity. In terms of sound, the aural landscape fares equally well with authentic whizzes and rumbles, you can practically hear the whirring of tanks as they pass by, the blaring of guns and enemies bantering in the field. In addition, the game offers a wide array of armaments including signature resistance weapons ranging from: the potent Sten gun, Welrod Silence pistol to the efficient Lightning Sub Machine guns, this is something that World War III devotees will love and appreciate.


The game miserably fails in numerous departments. First and foremost, let me address the Sniper Rifle issues, these guns are supposed to be the most accurate weapon in the game but I can hardly feel its efficacy, for instance the developers missed out to include a zoom-in function aside from the preset range as well as a steady grip to eliminate the ricketiness while aiming. Shooting guns in general are purposely inaccurate, irksome and laborious. Stealth mechanics on the other hand are weak; it lacks the nuance of contemporary games. I found it relatively easy to go guns blazing than tail a guard in a tedious pattern. Why bother when you can shoot the hell out of them. Moreover, Missions are hackneyed; the game hardly gives you any motivation to go on. Horrible collision detection spoils the game even more, with enemies mysteriously stuck on walls. Bland graphics, imprudent AI?s, dingy level design, linear gameplay, dull voice acting with drolly accents and a short campaign plummets the game to oblivion.


Overall, the game appears rushed; it lacks depth with an archaic combat and poor AI. It’s hard to recommend a substandard shooter with today’s FPS market brimming with commendable alternatives. I give this 2 out of 5 Stars.

If you?re a hardcore WW III aficionado, better stick with your old school Medal of Honor and Call of Duty titles.

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