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EndWar Online Gets a Massive Alpha Update

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We have not heard a lot from Ubisoft?s RTS game Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online since it started its Alpha test run last month. Turns out that the Ubisoft team in Shanghai has been busy improving the game and adding more features.

They released a new patch which will include two new PvE modes, enhancements to AI, a new campaign chapter, new commanders, and whole lot of changes to the interface.

New Modes

The new patch will feature two new PvE battle modes?Assault and Hold Out.

Assault mode ? In this mode, you will be under pressure as you need to defeat the enemy who will play defensively before the time goes off.

Hold Out ? Opposite of the Assault mode, you will be the one defending your position until your reinforcements arrive.

Improved AI

The developers have decided to add more variety as they incorporated more tactics to the computer AI in PvE mode. With the improved computer AI, your enemies will now be able to use more complex strategies such as airstrikes, artillery bombing, and transporting infantry to uplinks.


Campaign Chapter VI

Due to popular demand, the devs also added a whole new story chapter. The new campaign is set in South Central Europe for the European faction and North Caucasus for the Russian faction. In addition, there will also be seven new map locations for each Faction and new enemies as well.

New Commanders

Perhaps the most interesting part of the update is the addition of 14 new commanders ? seven for each faction. This will add an additional tier to each of these classes: AAVs, gunships, infantry, artillery, airstrike, and air-transport.


Convoy Intercept

Ubisoft also added a bonus feature called Convoy Intercept. In this mode, you can deploy your naval fleet into the oceans to intercept other Factions? convoys. This will be free for the first time, although you will be required to pay for succeeding deployments.

Since the announcement of EndWar Online, many were skeptical about the developer?s decision to make it a browser game?which limits the game to a certain extent. Although, Ubisoft admits they had different plans in mind when they created EndWar Online.

?The most important point to keep in mind is that EndWar Online is not ?instead of? EndWar 2,? said Michal Madej, the game?s Creative Director, on an interview earlier this year. ?We never found ourselves asking the question?Should we make EndWar 2 or EndWar Online??It doesn?t work like that. Our team was very much focused on making a high quality browser-based game for the core gaming community, and we wanted to bring the EndWar universe to as many gamers as possible. The two desires seemed like a perfect fit, so we pitched the idea and went about creating EndWar Online.?

If you are interested in trying out the Alpha version of EndWar, you can visit their official website and try your luck in getting a key.

No announcements regarding its official launch has been made.

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