End Of The World Predictions: Japan Earthquake, New Zealand Earthquake Linked? The Big One Coming?

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An earthquake recently struck Japan which led its government to implement a tsunami warning. Few hours after that, central New Zealand as well experienced a quite powerful quake. As a result, there are speculations that it is an indication of the end of the world. How true is that?

The magnitude 7.4 quake in Japan struck in the east side of Fukishima about 6 a.m. Tuesday, November 22. Immediately after the earthquake, the government ordered the people to leave low-lying areas in Fukishima and Miyagi as a tsunami might hit the shores.

Fortunately, the government now downgraded the warning to the less severe status of advisories as authorities did not see any sign of giant waves. But, they are still?advising the people to avoid coastal areas.

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Meanwhile, the same thing happened in central New Zealand today, where a bit weaker quake also hit. The land was struck by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake weeks after a powerful magnitude 7.8 hit the South Island. There are no reports yet regarding the damage or injuries the quake has made.

Now, these two earthquakes led to the re-surfacing of the end of the world theories online. According to some rumors, the quake in Japan and New Zealand just indicated the start of more fatal calamities. It was also stated that a more powerful quake will take place within the week in countries between Japan and New Zealand.

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Should that be the case, then countries like Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries should be ready for a quake. On a good note, the scientists have not released an official statement yet regarding the possible threat of an earthquake in these countries. So, everyone from these lands is best advised to keep calm.

For now, let us all hope that these earthquakes would be the last ones to take place. How about you? Do you think the end of the world is really coming? Or, are these theories all false and were just made to scare people? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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