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End Of The World Predictions 2017: Oarfish, Globster Found Ashore Are All Omen Of Something Terrible Happening Soon?

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End of the world predictions for 2017 are circulating due to a series of new ocean discoveries. Reports have come out after creatures such as oarfishes and globsters washed ashore recently. According to netizens, it is possible that they are signs that something terrible will happen soon.

The unidentified and unusual-looking beings were found around different coastal provinces in Southern Philippines. Their images were released one by one on social media earlier this week. Since then, the photos have gone viral in sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake

What alarmed a lot of netizens is how they turned up a week after a powerful earthquake around the said area. A magnitude 6.5 quake struck the Surigao City last February 10. Residents have been worried about possible aftershocks around the said province.

The fact that the creatures appeared now has only emphasized this concern. Netizens claim that deep sea creatures can usually predict disasters. With a number of them surfacing lately, this theory might just be true.

Creatures tagged to end of the world predictions for 2017

A giant oarfish was first to appear in Carmen, Agusan del Norte. A second one was caught in Cagayan de Oro, specifically in Barangay Gusa. Both of them turned up last week and quickly caught the attention of people online.  

On February 22, footage showing a white and hairy sea creature went viral on the internet. It was found on the coast of Cagdainao in Dinagat Islands. A lot of netizens were frightened due to its extraordinary features. Among its most-shared posts was from a Facebook user named Marjorie Cabatingan Aboy.

ginoo ko unsa mani nga hayop oyyy ??? 😱😱😱 kahadlok nba ani nila . klasi2 nlng gyd ni sila nang gwas gkan sa dagat ba 😱…

Posted by Marjorie May Cabatingan on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Different interpretations

Some netizens said that the hairy-looking discovery is a globster. Wikipedia describes it as an unidentified organic mass that commonly wash up on ocean shorelines. Other individuals explained that the creature is simply a carcass of a dead whale.

The photos and videos raised different debates around the web. Majority claimed that species from the bottom of the sea are sensitive to movements of earthquake fault lines. As such, the sudden appearance of the strange creatures could supposedly be proof of an upcoming natural disaster.

Many are alarmed that the occurrence might be so big that it might cause a major tragedy. However, people are still advised to be wise before sharing alarming warnings on social media. In the end, it is still best to wait for official announcements and reports from authorities.

Do you think that the creatures are related to end of the world predictions for 2017? Let us know by commenting below. TheBitBag will also be on the lookout for updates on this issue.

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