End Of The World 2017 Predictions Goes Viral: World Might End This October Due To Planet X

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End of the World 2017 predictions

An end of the world 2017 predictions goes viral thanks to the conspiracy theorists. According to the report, the Earth is set to end in October 2017. A giant mysterious planet is apparently heading towards our planet that would result in total devastation.

End of the World 2017 Predictions: Planet Nibiru To Smash Earth

According to the author of the book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival named David Meade, there is a star called ?a binary twin of our sun.? Meade believes that the said star is heading towards our planet towards the south pole.

Meade also added that the said star is also bringing ?even orbiting bodies? that includes Nibiru. The said planet named Nibiru is a blue planet which Meade refers to as Planet X. Furthermore, Nibiru or Planet X is said to be hurtling towards our world.

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Nibiru or Planet X

End of the World 2017 predictions

Nibiru which can also be called Planet X sometimes is a hypothesized planet located on the edge of our solar system. According to conspiracy theorists, the gravitational influence of Nibiru has already disrupted other planets? orbits hundreds of years ago. According to Meade, the said planet is set its course towards our planet which will hit us in October this year.

Apparently, there is no evidence about Meade?s theories. However, Meade stated that the star is hard to spot thanks to its angle as it approaches Earth. According to Meade, the said planet is heading towards the Earth from an oblique angle.

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Hence, observations are going to be difficult unless the observer is flying at high altitude over South America. In addition, the observer must be using a really great camera.

False Predictions?

According to one reviewer, Meade?s website is initially focused on facts and science, as well as astronomical evidence. However, the reviewer stated that Meade only did this in order to lure some readers. As a matter of fact, his page starts to get religious after a dozen pages.

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