End of the World Prediction: 1,000 Years Left on Earth; How to save Humanity?

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Every living thing has to taste death, even our own planet earth. Humans have heard so many prophecies and predictions about doomsday and most of them are going to be true. The famous physicist Stephen Hawking has declared an end of the world prediction. He believes that there are only 1,000 years left for humanity on Earth.

Stephen Hawking warned the humans about doomsday in a lecture held at the Oxford University Union, UK on Tuesday. He confidently predicted that there are just 1,000 years left before the massive and destructive scourge eventually engulfs our planet.

Stephen Hawking?s Predictions about the doomsday

Stephen is recognized for his doomsday predictions that are based on his experience and scientific calculations. Previously, he said that there are many factors which might end life on Earth. Some of these include global warming, nuclear war, biological weapons and many others.

Hawking even warned humanity for encouraging the development of new technologies as new experiments can go wrong. He also predicted that latest technologies would lead the planet to a virtually inevitable global cataclysm. Indeed, the chance of a disaster to the planet Earth in the near future is low but the dangers of doomsday cannot be avoided.

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How to save Humanity from doomsday?

The well-wisher of humanity even figured out a way to save humans from the coming series of disasters. The only way humans can avoid the possibility of extinction is to find another planet to inhabit.

In his speech he shared his thoughts by saying, ?We must also continue to go into space for the future of humanity,? he said. ?I don?t think we will survive another 1,000 without escaping beyond our fragile planet.?

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NASA has been working to discover an earth-like planet and right now more than 2,000 planets have been found where humans can inhabit. Besides describing his anxiety on the extinction of humans, he even shared his detailed knowledge on man?s understanding of the origin of the universe.

Meanwhile, humans just need to pray and impart knowledge to survive future disasters.

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