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End Of An Era For Metal Gear Solid As Kojima Productions Dissolve

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Metal Gear Solid's Kojima Productions end of an era
Kojima Productions Dissolve

It?s the end of a great era for Metal Gear Solid, as producer, Kojima Productions under Hideo Kojima, seem to have dissolved completely. The announcement was made by an unlikely speaker: Iconic voice actor, Akio Otsuka.

According to gaming website, Kotaku, this isn?t the first time we?ve heard this. Rumors have been swirling already for months starting in March this year. First of which is Kojima?s name missing from Konami?s board of executives. Another evidence pointed out to the line ?A Hideo Kojima Game? missing from the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?s box art and previous game trailers.

Third, it appears Kojima Productions Los Angeles, the studio behind the Metal Gear Online component connected to Metal Gear Solid V, has been renamed Konami Los Angeles Studio.

Of course, it still took some time to see if there?s any truth to the rumors, as the game maker has been regularly announcing that each MGS games is his ?last Metal Gear Solid.? So we definitely had our doubts.

This weekend though, Livedoor News reported that Otsuka tweeted out that Kojima Productions had been ?dissolved. Note: the word the famed voice actor used was ?kaisan? which also means ?break-up? like when bands break up.

Konami still hasn?t confirmed whether or not Kojima Productions has been broken up.

According to the tweet: ?Kojima Productions got dissolved,? Otsuka wrote, ?and due to the team?s hard effort, the game is just about finished. This is no exaggeration, but it?s bound to be a supreme masterpiece! I can?t help it if I want to say, ?I kept you waiting.? (lol) Even if this is the last time… MGS lives forever!?

Although things are still hazy at the moment, one thing is correct, Metal Gear solid will remain one of the greatest games ever made thanks to its solid back catalogue. Konami, via previous PR announcements, also said that they will continue making Metal Gear Solid in the future.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Plain is expected to be released this September 1, 2015.

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