Enchanted 2 Titled Disenchated, Amy Adams Might Not Reprise Her Role As Giselle?

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?How Do You Know? if Enchanted 2 will still be made by Walt Disney? It has already been nearly 8 years since we saw Giselle (Amy Adams) come to life from the animated world to the real world in Enchanted. New reports have surfaced saying the Enchanted sequel is still in development, although, the return of Giselle as well as other stars is still unconfirmed.

According to Collider, the studio is finally gearing up to make Enchanted 2 as the film is nearly greenlit for production. It has been recently revealed that the movie currently has the working title Disenchanted. While the title seems to imply that this would be a direct sequel, it is still unsure if any of the characters from the first film will star in Disenchanted.

The Disney hit film had a stellar cast and fans would surely love Adams to reprise her role as Giselle as he figuratively and literally brought her character to life. Other notable stars in the film include Patrick Dempsey, James Marsen, Idina Menzel (The voice of Elsa from Frozen), and Susan Sarandon.

How likely will Adams reprise her role? The actress has currently been engaging in serious roles. Adams played as a con artist as well as a former stripper in American hustle and a capable Lois Lane in Man of Steel. Will she return as the na?ve?princess for Disenchated?

Knowing who?s returning for the film isn?t the only problem that might worry fans because the film may even not come into fruition at all. According to ScreenRant, Disney pulled the plug on TRON 3 even if the film?s production was nearly underway.

Enchanted reportedly earned $340 million at the worldwide box office. At the 80th Academy Awards, it garnered three best original nominations for the songs ?That?s How You Know?, ?Happy Working Song?, and ?So Close“.

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