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Enable Flash On Your Android Device Again

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Dolphin Android Browser (Image Credit to andro4all YouTube)
Dolphin Android Browser (Image Credit to andro4all YouTube)

Similar to Apple?s IOS devices, Google?s Android devices don?t support Flash anymore, but it?s more than clear that there are TONS of Flash content on the internet that you?d wish you can see, and play on your Android phone or tablet.

There are practically hundreds, or even thousands of these ?games and videos that you?re going to miss with the absence of Flash on your device. Adobe keeps previous versions of their Flash players, including the ones for Android and that is a good thing, but the bad news is, Android KitKat doesn?t work with the last official version of Flash anymore.

However, that is, if you?re using the unmodified version of the Flash player. With the help of the modified version of Flash and with the free browser called ?Dolphin?, you will be able to view Flash content again on your phone as if it was a computer.

You just need to download the modified Flash player here. Before you download and install it, you need to make sure that your device allows installation from ?Unknown Sources?, which you can toggle in the Settings. You can install this on any Android device, rooted or not, so you shouldn?t have any trouble with it.

Once you?ve got the modified Flash installed, it?s time to go on Google PlayStore and download the ?Dolphin? browser. It is free, but it is extremely feature-packed and??is one of the best Android/iOS browsers out there.

Simply follow this link to go to its official Google Play page.

Once installed, you can open Dolphin, go into Settings>Web Content>Flash Player and tick ?Always On?to enable it every time.

Now to test if the Flash player is working, you can visit the Adobe Flash player site, or you can directly go here to check if the animation will play. If it does, then you?re on the right track and you can enjoy much of what the internet has to offer again.

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