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Empire Season 3 Spoilers: Juicy & Crazy Plot Ahead

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It?s time for Empire Season 3 spoilers. The second installation of Empire ended in such a crazy way that it?s hard not to anticipate what the Empire Season 3 has in store for fans. The Season 2 finale was a cliffhanger that nobody knows how the show will move forward into the next season. And, this is just what makes the Empire drama spectacle so great.

Here?s an official Empire Season 2 recap.


As viewers know, Anika (Grace Gealey) and Rhonda (Kaitlyn Doubleday) have always been at war against each other. And, at the end of the second season, their war finally erupted into a physical confrontation at the balcony of a tall building. Andre (Trai Bryers), Rhonda?s bipolar husband, arrived and witnessed one of the girls pushing the other to her death. So, which one of them fell? Well, we could not make a convincing case for which one. Even the cast swears not to have any clue whatsoever as per the Movie News Guide.

To relive the scene, check this out.

But guess who has a clue? Well, the show?s executive director and director of course would. And that?s Sanaa Hamri. She sat down in an interview with TV Guide to enlighten viewers on how Empire Season 3 might take shape. Hamri revealed that Anika still has feelings for Lucious (Terrence Howard) and that Anika survived her fight against Rhonda. She, too, is pretty much in trouble and that she won?t get away pretty lightly with murder.

Loretha ?Cookie? Lyon (Tajari P. Henson) also thickens the plot. Hamri reiterated that she has a deep connection with Lucious as they have children together and they have a bond formed already. To her, Hamri explained that the marriage between Lucious and Anika is beyond symbolic and that means she has to walk away. But she remains as the co-CEO of Empire, this certainly brings more drama to the table. What will she do? ?Hamri teased that she may give up her spot on Empire or she may return fire? But Cookie?s character and personality will likely push her to comeback with a vengeance. Either way, her looming character will affect the next season and whatever she?ll do, it will be a fun thing to follow her in her journey.

Empire Season 3 will premiere this fall. You can catch it on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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