Empire season 3 spoilers: Who Fell from the Balcony? Lucious Regrets Marrying Anika, Plus New Cast!

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Empire season 3 answers all the questions running on our mind since we have seen the season 2 finale. The new season will reveal who between Anika Calhoun (Grace Gealey) and Rhonda Lyon (Kaitlin Doubleday) fell from the balcony and how Lucious actually feels about marrying Anika now that Cookie is hoping for a better future with him.

According to reports, the upcoming season will revolve around a new theme as it will feature the back-story of the main characters. As it does, fans could expect more curious details to be unveiled.? It is a great opportunity to understand how the lead characters actually came into this point of their lives.

It was confirmed that the new season is bound to feature the teenage years of Cookie and Lucious who are played by Ajiona Alexus and Jeremy Carver. This is sure to delight most fans.

During the first episodes from the upcoming season, the story will follow the life of Cookie, an innocent and beautiful teenager who falls for a not-so-good-boy. Fans will get a broader idea of how their love story has begun, as well as how it continued to grow. It looks like the season is also set to focus on Lucious and his decision to marry Anika.

Since all new events are happening, we could also expect to see some new faces from the show. These include the likes of Ezri Walker who was confirmed to play a character named Zeah. Zeah is a 16-year-old nerd who is forced to choose between earning a degree at an exclusive institution and accepting a career at Lyons.

Another exciting news is that Taye Diggs will be a celebrity guest star for the series. But what is more exciting than this is he will play a role that bears a serious resemblance to Barack Obama. He will play Angelo Dubois, a councilman who gives up a profitable career to serve the community.

Catch Empire season 3 as it premiers on September 21.

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