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Empire Season 3 Episode 9 Fall Finale Recap: Lucious? Evil Grin Leaves Angelo and Cookie Helpless

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Empire Season 3 Episode 9 fall finale sees Cookie helping Angelo with his New York mayoral campaign. ?Her aide makes the latter appear like a viable candidate. Apparently, Cookie has a lot of plans for the campaign. Empire Season 3 Episode 9 fall finale is titled “A Furnace for Your Foe”.

Spoilers for the Empire Season 3 Episode 9 fall finale previously hinted that Cookie will host a free park concert. It is a huge success. Apart from the campaign, the next episode also reveals more about Diana.

It turns out that Diana is not as clean-cut as viewers might have thought. Sneak peak for Empire Season 3 Episode 9 fall finale was released and it dropped some hints about Diana?s intent. The sneak peek revealed that she had made a deal with Lucious.

Fans were curious about the deal Lucious and Diana are working together. It was later revealed that she turns to Lucious to make Cookie and Angelo?s relationship disappear. But she backs out of the deal when Dianna witnesses how Cookie has been a great help to Angelo. Angelo?s approval ratings were constantly improving.

Andre is a Bipolar

Meanwhile, Andre admitted that he is bipolar. Nessa assured him that she intends to help him. She plans to help him by helping him to help himself.

Andre is game for it. He obtained approval from Ghost Rhonda to finally let her go. Ghost Rhonda agrees in exchange of Andre avenging her death with Anika.

In the end, Lucious helped a journalist fulfil a promise that Angelo would never be the mayor of New York. Lucious has his evil grin intact. Cookie and Angelo, on the other hand, are left helpless.

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