‘Empire’ Pre-Season Highlights: New Casts, Plot Twists And More!

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Casts of the hit TV show ?Empire? went to Carnegie Hall to premier their much awaited first episode of season two in front of a hyped audience in New York City on Saturday. Stars like Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, and other amazing casts joined the prestigious event tight-lipped over unfolding events of the next season, and after the premier episode aired, ?Empire? producers and casts sat down for an exciting Q&A, shared by Billboard.

Emmy nominee Taraji P. Henson and creator Lee Daniels shared their reactions on ?Empire? being a hit-success on television and how they even got their show aired. ?I honestly thought, ?This would be great. We will put this incredible work in the can and Fox would choke and put it in cable,?? Henson said according to Billboard. ?And I get the call that the show is picked up. I was like, ?What! Are they crazy???

Henson also told the fans on how it felt like being with ?Empire,? ?You want to do the work that?s going to challenge people to think and ruffle feathers and get people upset and spark intelligent conversations so that change can happen,? she added. ?Case you can judge (Cookie), you can say whatever you want about her, about Lucious, about what they did to get where they are, but at the end of the day, their sons are not statistics. OK. Their sons are not in jail? they broke a cycle of poverty and anybody that?s from the hood knows that that is very hard to do,? she shared according to Billboard. ?It?s very hard to do. To break (the cycle) and I don?t mean break it for yourselves, but it?s for your sons, for the black boys that are coming up.?

Lee Daniels then wanted to thank Fox for supporting ?Empire,? ?I want to say to them, ?Thank you for letting me do tonight because tonight is so important for me.? Where we are right now in America with race relations is an ugly place and it?s time we tear the roof off this mother (trucker),? Daniels said according to Billboard. Watch out for Cookie Lyon as season two of Empire premiers on September 23 on Fox

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