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DeAndre Jordan Causes Emoji Battle in Twitter: Signs with Clippers

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Twitter erupts in Emoji war
NBA Stars in Emoji War in Twitter

Twitter erupted into an entertaining Emoji fest as some NBA players took to social media to ?battle? their way into keeping star center DeAndre Jordan, into their respective teams.

According to reports, DeAndre is about to sign with the Dallas Mavericks for an $80-million deal, but former teammates from Los Angeles Clippers are having none of it. The Emoji war, which started in Twitter a few hours ago, depicted some of the players from both Clippers and Mavericks going out of their way to convince the celebrated center to stay with their team.

The Twitter fest was quite entertaining:

The Clipper?s JJ Redick was ?driving? on his way to DeAndre Jordan

JJ Redick ?

Blake Griffin, also with the Clippers is going all out, taking the plane, helicopter, and car to stop DeAndre from signing. Blake Griffin ?

Chris Paul is going to the extreme, and posted a banana and a boat, which probably means he?s going on a banana boat ride to DeAndre.
Chris Paul ?

Even Mike Woodson got on the bandwagon and is swimming towards the player.

Now this is where it got weird. Apparently, the Emoji fest got the attention of other NBA stars, and they went to have their own all-emoji posts:
The Cleveland Cavaliers joined in the fun.

Baron Davis joined in.

And even the Cleveland Browns (bless them) got into the thick of it.

The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, challenged others to do an Emoji Battle, showcasing his five championship trophies.

But in the end His Royal Highness, Air Jordan, who won the Emoji war.

Who was supported by his ever-reliable Wing Man, Scottie Pippen.

The Greatest of All Time indeed.


DeAndre Jordan just spurned the Mavericks and signed with the Clippers. It seems the Emoji battle worked!

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