Emmy Nominations 2016 Schedule, Predictions: ?GoT,? ?Mr. Robot,? ?Downton Abbey? to Gun for Best Drama Series

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The Emmy Nominations 2016 is coming up and fans are waiting for their favorite TV shows and actors to get an Emmy nod this year. While we all know that the Game of Thrones is definitely dominating the worldwide television landscape especially in its sixth season, there are many other shows that deserve great praise as well.

The previous years have been dominated by shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men with House of Cards and Downton Abbey consistently earning nominations. Last year, Game of Thrones has won best drama series and that?s a phenomenal achievement for a fantasy-based drama. Now, its popularity has been amplified and will definitely make the list with other contenders Mr. Robot and Downton Abbey gunning for the Best Drama Series award as well.

Prediction for Best Drama Series Nominees

Game of Thrones

It?s no surprise that GoT will make it to the list as the show has grown in popularity even more with its sixth season. Both book and show fans are tuning in as everyone knows nothing about the fate of Westeros and all its players. Everything has been EPIC so far in the latest season. Will the HBO fantasy series be able to retain its seat in the Emmys throne?

House of Cards

The political drama has been consistently nominated in previous years but has never landed the best drama title. Perhaps it?s because they were up against shows like Breaking Bad and now, Game of Thrones. In its fourth season, the show has caught up with the real-life U.S. elections. The lead actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, and down to their supporting players have made the series watchable behind the gruelling political drama. No doubt, House of Cards will make the list this year.

Downton Abbey

The British period drama concluded Christmas last year in the UK and early this year in the U.S. The farewell was quite satisfying and bittersweet, ending with sentimental moments and joyous conclusions. Fans are definitely missing the show and will absolutely be delighted to see it in the Emmy list this year.

Mr. Robot

The psychological techno-thriller has been a TV-favorite last year with its exceptional cast and powerful premise. Rami Malek as Elliot Anderson took us for a ride within his stream of consciousness–his thoughts on society down to the most mundane things. Mr. Robot was one of the surprise hits of 2015 from the USA Network and it definitely deserves a nomination.

Better Call Saul

The Breaking Bad spinoff has proved that it?s too good to be a spinoff as it has created its own unique world separate from the critically-acclaimed mother series. Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman and Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut ?are two characters that are undoubtedly worth revisiting.

The Leftovers

This HBO Rapture drama is probably the most underwatched TV series today but could even possibly emerge as the best drama series this year for its utterly powerful storytelling. This is a show unlike any other and the emotions it brings out are just so compelling that it?s also a mystery in itself.

Other possible Best Drama nominees:

Orange is the New Black, Homeland, Narcos.

The Emmy Nominations 2016 schedule will be on July 14, 2016, 11:30 a.m. ET / 8:30 a.m. PT to be announced by Lauren Graham and Anthony Anderson.

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