?Emma Watson? Introduced As Belle For The First Time In D23: ?Beauty And The Beast? Cast of Power House Actors, And Release Date Revealed

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The D23 expo has given us some insanely good movies to watch out for, most notably the upcoming favorite of every children, ?Beauty and the Beast.? Walt Disney Studios has proved to be reliable when it comes to creating classic movies as they set to do a remake of their animated musical classic ?Beauty and the Beast? that will apparently feature live-action and CG-animated characters, according to IGN.com.

Emma Watson as Belle

Walt Disney Studios created a very exceptional line up of cast including the famed Emma Watson, known to everybody for the movie franchise ?Harry Potter.? Watson will play the role of Belle in what will be a story of extraordinary romance of a beautiful young woman who falls in love with a monstrous beast. ?We have had an unbelievable time shooting the Beauty and the Beast, bringing Belle to life I mean has been a complete dream come true. I can?t for you to see the movie in 2017,? Emma Watson shared at the D23 expo, from JoBlo Movie Trailers.

Casts and Characters

Joining Emma Watson in ?Beauty and the Beast? will be actor Dan Stevens, who will play the role of the Beast. Kevin Kline will then portray the role of Maurice, the father of Belle, while Luke Evans will play the character of Gaston, the evil villain and suitor of Belle, with his sidekick Lefou, who will be played by Josh Gad, known for his hilarious antics in movies. Playing the enchanted candelabra Lumiere will be Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Sir Ian Mckellen as Cogsworth, and apparently a new character will be introduced named Cadenza, which will be played by Stanley Tucci, shared by the Christian Post.

?Beauty and the Beast? will be written by Evan Spiliotopoulos and Stephen Chbosky which will be directed by Bill Condon, this big screen remake will definitely be in one of the list of movies to definitely watch in 2017.


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