Eminem Vs. Drake: Watch Drizzy Admits Marshall Mathers Superior To Him [VIDEO]

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There have been feuds and there have been ?feuds.? This Eminem vs. Drake is definitely a ?feud? with scare quotes. Last week, everybody thought that these two giants were going to go after each other. Internet memes started circulating saying how Drake will get butchered by Eminem in a rap battle.

These things came flying after Hot 97?s Ebro Darden told his listeners that he recently spoke to Drake. He said that he told Drake about a rumor that Eminem might be preparing a diss track about him. Darden said that Drake just laughed and was like ?That?s not going to happen? He?s (Drake) like, ??He?d never do that. And if he did, I got something for him, too.?

This is all that was needed for the Eminem vs. Drake ?feud? to be born.

The fact was, they were just joking around and Darden cleared it out on Twitter after, several times at that too.

But where did everything come from? Why would Darden joke that Eminem is coming for Drake? Here?s a background story of an actual feud.

Drake was actually in a beef with Joe Budden when Budden, a New Jersey rapper, criticised Views on a podcast. This is according to Lewis Corner of Digital Spy. Drake, responded by mentioning him on-stage several times and even on social media. Budden released diss tracks against Drake too.

Budden is a member of the rap group Slaughterhouse. He is also signed to Eminem?s record label. This is where Darden?s remark came from.

In a report on Rolling Stone, Budden even dampened the rumor that Eminem will be involved in a follow-up Drake diss track. Budden revealed that Eminem even recommended that Budden squash his beef with Drake.

The two giants actually collaborated with each other before on a Drake song called forever. It?s also with Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

Also, they may have taken advantage of the ?feud? as Drake brought out Eminem in Summer Sixteen Tour stop in Detroit.

Drake even called Eminem the ?greatest rapper to ever get on a microphone?. Eminem reciprocated saying ?Detroit, make some motherf***king noise for Drake.? Drake also did some bowing gesture.

Again, he called Eminem the GOAT too on Instagram.


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Would they do another collaboration given fan interest is up? They might.

If they do, everybody can thank the whole ?feud? thing for happening.

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