Eminem Vs. Drake: Drizzy Gets Twitter Flak Following Rap Battle Rumor

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For the past few days, rumors about Eminem vs Drake in a rap battle have surfaced around the internet. However, although it is pretty interesting to see both rappers in a showdown, it somehow generated a lot of memes, which indicate how it is going to be a mismatch.

Hip hop fans were so pumped up after several reports suggest that rap god Eminem is going up against Drake. But, aside from being excited for the rumored rap battle, it seems like a lot of supporters have already decided whose side they are going to take as they expressed their reactions on Twitter. Here are some of the fans? funny yet meaningful tweets:

Clearly, these tweets would indicate who is the crowd-favorite between the two rap artists. But, the real question is how did the Eminem vs Drake rap battle issue get started?

According to reports, the rumor was rooted from the long-time running feud between Drake and rapper Joe Budden. It can be recalled that the two have already been in a word war before, and they are back at it again these past few weeks and apparently, Eminem?s name was dragged into their mess.

For everyone?s knowledge, the rap god is the owner of the record label that is holding the rap group Slaughterhouse, which Budden is a member. So, obviously, the rapper?s connection with Eminem was the cause why the latter got involved in this rumor.

Furthermore, a radio host named Ebro Darden told his listeners that he had recently talked with Drake and he told him about a rumor that Eminem was going after him due to his problems with Budden. According to the radio host, Drake?s response was, ?That?s not gonna happen.? But if ever Eminem is really looking for him, then he has something for him too.

As a result, all the listeners speculated that Eminem and Drake are going to have a rap battle against each other. But later on, Darden announced on Twitter that his statement on the radio was in fact just a big joke, which quickly disappointed the fans. Drake has not released an official statement yet regarding the bad joke. Eminem?s manager, Paul Rosenberg, on the other hand, responded with a tweet as he wrote, ?Slow news day I see.?

If Eminem vs Drake would really take place, who do you think would win? Is it the latter or the crowd-favorite rap god? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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