Eminem New Album ?Success?: Release Moved To 2017 Due To Donald Trump, Death Hoax?

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Was Eminem’s new album delayed due to Donald Trump’s victory?

Eminem?s new album Success has reportedly been postponed to next year. The delay in the release is allegedly due to a recent death hoax. There are also claims that Donald Trump?s recent victory has to do with the temporary cancellation.

Based on rumors circulating online, Eminem?s Success will drop on Jan. 25, 2017 instead. It will be the rapper?s ninth album and a follow up to his 2010 hit Recovery.

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Donald Trump

The Detroit native released an explosive seven-minute track last October. It was a diss targeted at Donald Trump. The single quickly gained traction and fueled fans? anticipation over his next studio release.

However, the billionaire recently emerged as the winner in the US presidential elections. His victory has resulted to the silence of many of his critics.

Because of this, speculations are rife that Eminem?s new album might be delayed due to his anti-Trump stand.

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Eminem Death hoax

Aside from Trump?s victory, another possible reason has emerged about the delay of Eminem?s new album release.

News surfaced earlier this month that the Grammy-winning artist was dead. A Facebook page titled ?R.I.P. Eminem? claimed that the 44-year-old passed away at 11 A.M. of Nov. 6. The so-called tribute page gathered over a million likes. Fans were encouraged to express their sympathy and condolences by patronizing the page.


Eventually, it was proven that the whole report was fake. While several Eminem death hoaxes have been released in the past, the last one gained a lot of attention.

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PR stunt?

These two reasons were cited in line with the delay of Eminem?s new album. However, it is also possible that the hip-hop icon is simply fueling the public?s curiosity over his career comeback.

Known as Marshall Mathers in real life, Eminem has not been the type to shy away from controversies. This has made some fans doubt if he would postpone a major project for political or personal reasons.

Success will feature other big names in rap, including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Juicy J.

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