Eminem New Album Release Before 2017?

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Eminem New Album Release

Eminem has always been considered as one of the biggest rap artists of all time. He has produced countless hits such as Without Me, Stan and Lose Yourself. While Eminem has made several number one albums, it has been almost three years since his last release which have many fans excited for him to release a new one. That has sparked fans to ask the question if it would be possible for Eminem?s new album to be released before 2017.

Many fans have been asking this huge question. So far, there have not been any confirmation that Eminem is working on a new album. Still, that is not any indication that he is not secretly working on one behind the scenes.

According to MTV, he has even responded with some ridiculous album suggestions as given by fans. He mentioned that while fans have suggested that his next album should be named Empower or Empart, he would just have to go with Empanada as the title of his next studio release.

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While that is of course Eminem simply joking around, he did not do one thing. He did not shoot down the idea that he is making an album right now. It may not be the confirmation that fans are hoping for, but it surely is better than nothing.

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If indeed Eminem is making an album, there is certainly a possibility that he drops it before the year ends. At the moment he is busy with his other ventures such as collaborating with other artists like Skylar Grey. Grey?s single Come Up For Air, from her upcoming album, features Slim Shady.

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Aside from working on the music, Eminem is likewise helping produce the music video for Come Up For Air. It seems like Slim Shady is not just confining himself to music, but he is also making the jump to producing too.

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If you are hoping for the follow up to 2013?s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 album, then you should definitely keep your fingers crossed. Also, one can only hope that Eminem is working on new material soon. Be sure to check back here to find out the latest news and updates on Eminem?s new album as well as other trending topics in the world of music.

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