Eminem New Album 2017 Tracks Coming Soon: Rap God Confirms Album; Collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Chance The Rapper & Adele

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Eminem new album 2017 is arguably one of the most highly anticipated projects coming up. No exact release date has been announced for the album yet. But it seems fans are not bothered by that as the rap god himself confirmed that it?s on the way.

Fans have been waiting for three good years for an Eminem new album. Talk is rampant that the album will be coming out in January 25, 2017. The rapper is now reportedly busy collaborating with artists and recording new tracks.

The rapper recently took to Facebook to assure his fans that he is working on an album. He wrote, “Don’t worry, I’m working on an album!? For many fans, Eminem?s social media post is enough confirmation that an Eminem new album is coming soon.

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Rumors are swirling that the Eminem new album 2017 will be titled Success. Previous reports claim that it is originally titled Roots. Right now, no official title has been announced for the new album either.

Reddit user Carrymarrybloody shared what appears to be a leaked document that includes the songs that might be included in the Eminem album. IBT noticed that it was not signed but it traces from Universal Music Group?s headquarters located at 2220 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, California. The leaked document shows 21 new songs.

  1. ????This is It?
  2. ????Superstar?
  3. ????Imprisonment?
  4. ????Take Me Away?
  5. ????Everyday? (Feat. Chance the Rapper)
  6. ????Looking for Freedom?
  7. ????Something Has Changed? (Feat. Kid Cudi)
  8. ????Confused?
  9. ????Rain?
  10. ?Success? (Feat. Adele)
  11. ?Fighter?
  12. ?Sins of a Prayer?
  13. ?Bulletproof? (Feat. Mastein Bennett)
  14. ?Sunshine?
  15. ?Black Roses? (Feat. The Weeknd)
  16. ?Nightmare?
  17. ?Ladies and Gentleman? (Feat. Vince Staples)
  18. ?Hurts Really Bad?
  19. ?It?s Hard?
  20. ?Lie Down?
  21. ?Rest?

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Eminem Teams Up With Snoop Dogg, Chance The Rapper & Adele?

It is widely speculated that Eminem worked with Chance the Rapper and Snoop Dogg. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the Eminem new album 2017 is Eminem?s rumored collaboration with Adele.

Snoop Dogg previously expressed his desire to work with the god of rap. Even Skylar Grey talked about how she finds working with Slim Shady enjoyable.

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Are you positive that the Eminem new album is coming soon? Share us your thoughts through the comment section below. Be sure to keep checking here at for more updates related to the Eminem new album 2017.

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