Eminem 9th Album Release Date May Be In Mid-2017 As Rapper Is Busy Selling Shoes

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Eminem 9th Album
Eminem 9th Album

Fans waiting for Eminem?s next rap album may have to wait yet longer as the ?Rap God? is reportedly taking time off his 9th Studio album to venture into new business.

According to the latest reports, Marshall Mathers aka Eminem has joined his native Detroit based company StockX, in an strategic partnership for promotion of limited edition products especially sneakers.

?Sneakers have always been a huge interest of mine, for at least as long as I?ve been rapping, and I?m proud of the fact that I?ve had so many collaborations with Nike and Jordan Brand,? Eminem said in a press release. ?I really like the fact that sneakers are a big part of what StockX is doing. When I found out that they happen to be doing it from downtown Detroit, it made even more sense to get involved.?

StockX hopes to build on the Eminem’s passion for sneakers to create exclusive content and access to rare sneakers from Mathers? personal collection. In addition to promotion Eminem and longtime manager Paul Rosenberg are investing in the online trading platform.

Now with Eminem investing his time in the company, his upcoming third album will obviously take backseat as the legendary singer has personally invested in the company. Earlier rumors suggest that his album would release beginning of 2017 but now unfortunately for fans after him taking time off work, the album could be delayed to mid-2017.

Meanwhile, Eminem?s fans can win a pair of the rapper?s sneakers according to the StockX website as it is giving away a pair of his Carhart Jordan 4 sneakers. In order to get the prized possession, participant will have to execute a sneaker trade on either the buy or sell side and/or refers a new participant to the StockX platform through Thursday, June 23, 2016 to receive one entry into the contest. For more information on the promotion click here.

StockX describes itself as the world?s first online consumer ?stock market of things? for high-demand, limited edition products. The website is unlike other traditional e-commerce or auction website as StockX is a live ?bid/ask? marketplace that allows buyers to place bids, sellers to place asks, and execute a trade when the seller?s ask price meets with a buyer?s bid.

The venture which launched in February of 2016, was co-founded by Josh Luber, who serves as the company?s CEO, and Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Quicken Loans and majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here?s all about StockX and Eminem partnership contest:

Ways to earn Entries:

  • Buy a pair of sneakers on StockX.
  • Sell a pair of sneakers on StockX.
  • Refer a friend who buys a pair of sneakers on StockX.
  • Refer a friend who sells a pair of sneakers on StockX.


  • Grand Prize: Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt (priceless; pairs have sold for as much as $30,000)
  • Second Prize: Yeezy Boost Pack ? Yeezy Boost 350, 750 and 950 (approximate value $3,000)
  • Third Prize: Jordan 1 Pack ? Jordan 1 Retro Bred 2013, Retro Chicago 2015, Retro UNC, Retro Family Forever and Retro LA (approximate value $1,750)

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