Emily Ratajowski Topless Photos: See How Actress Defies Tan Lines

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Emily Ratajkowski Topless

Work it, girl! Emily Ratajkowski blew up Instagram when she posted pictures of her vacation with friends in the tropics. Boy, did she give the Mexican heat a run for its money!

The 25-year-old American model/actress flaunted her enviable figure during a getaway in Cancun, posing topless while sipping cocktails by the beach. The celebrity oozed with confidence?and rightfully so?while enjoying herself under the sun. ?

Clearly paying no mind to the paparazzi, she splashed in for a dip with just a skimpy swimsuit covering the bottom portion of her physique. ?A friend of hers also joined the fun, opting to hit the waves sans her?bikini top.

In another shot, she posed sideways with nothing but the rays of light hitting her bare skin. Well, at least we?re sure tan lines wouldn?t be an issue here.

BUT WAIT, there?s MORE!

Alongside her steamy photos, she also included a silly video of her dancing along a funky tune with the caption: ?When you’re too excited about vacation.? ?Yes, Emily. The beach vibe makes us wish for summer already.

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Baring herself in the nude isn?t really a big deal for the Gone Girl actress, considering the fact that she had been in various projects which required her to pose in racy outfits, likewise her brazen persona on social media.

And of course, let?s not forget about her appearance in the infamous music video for Blurred Lines ? notably for her lack of attire in the upper region.

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About Ratajowski

Ratajowski is also known for advocating the rights of women to express their sexuality however they choose. She also?supports female empowerment.

She is strongly against body shaming, once defending Kim Kardashian when she posted a naked selfie of herself on Instagram. Ratajowski?considers herself a feminist, despite the many controversies that revolve around it.

Check this link for her photos!

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