Emily Blunt Labels Relationship With Ex Michael Buble Complicated, Here?s Why

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Emily Blunt is surely in a happy space post her marriage to John Krasinski but seems like her past refuses to leave her alone. Recently the actress was in a awkward situation when she was questioned about her relationship with ex boyfriend, crooner Michael Buble.

Daily Mail UK?reports that Emily Blunt revisited her relationship with singer Michael Buble on Wednesday when she sat down with Howard Stern for his SiriusXM radio show.

Emily found it difficult to talk about her ex-boyfriend when the host asked about his alleged cheating, saying ?I don’t know. It’s complicated.?

I never want to talk about it. I can?t do it’ she added. She did however say they ‘had a great time’ together and the actress still has fond memories of the Grammy Award winner’s family. ?I loved his family. I love his family. I still do,? Blunt said after the host recalled how the 40-year-old singer brought her back to Canada to meet his mother, Amber.

Host Howard Stern began to praise Michael Bubl? as a bright and fun man?two characteristics Blunt completely agreed with. But when Stern suggested that they were “perfect together,” Blunt wasn’t so sure, states E Online.

Stern wasn’t done just yet. He later brought up the rumors that Bubl? wasn’t faithful during their romance that lasted close to three years. Let’s just say Blunt tried her best not to go there. To which Emily said, ?Now I’m going red because I never talk about it. I never want to talk about it.?

Inquisitr?reports that as awkward as it is to bring up a person?s ex, Stern did it anyway when he insisted on talking to Blunt about her long term relationship with Bubl?. He told Emily about how he had met Bubl? while working on America?s Got Talent and that he ?was shocked at what a bright, funny guy this guy is.? The host continued the awkward ex talk with Blunt when he even went so far as to say that Emily had been madly in love with Michael Bubl?. Blunt just laughed at this statement and politely disagreed with the radio host.

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