Emily Blunt Deserves An Oscar for Girl on the Train? See Latest Trailer Here

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Emily Blunt could potentially be sitting on a gold mine that would rake in the awards and the box-office sales with her upcoming psychological mystery thriller drama, Girl on the Train.

In the latest trailer of Girl on the Train, Emily Blunt reels the audiences into her world of alcoholism and depression. One look at Emily?s performance and you?d know that she deserves a nod from prestigious award-giving bodies, including the Oscars.

Written by Erin Cressida Wilson and directed by Tate Taylor, Girl on the Train is based on the best-selling book of the same title by Paula Hawkins. It also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Luke Evans, Justin Theroux, Allison Janney, Edgar Ramirez, and Lisa Kudrow.

Set in Westchester, New York, Girl on the Train revolves around the story Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt), an alcoholic, depressive woman, who moves out of the conjugal home after her husband files for divorce and replaces her with Anna, her husband?s former mistress.

Even after losing her job, Rachel takes the daily train commute to her previous workplace so that her roommate would not find out that she?s unemployed. Whenever Rachel gets drunk, she would revisit her husband?s home and harass his new family.

Rachel develops a particular interest in the beautiful couple named Megan and Scott Hipwell living down the street from her ex-husband?s home. In more than one occasion, Rachel finds herself fantasizing about this couple, whom she thought was the ideal, perfect partnership that she never had.

One morning, while onboard the train, Rachel sees something that involves Megan. Rachel later learns that Megan has gone missing. A few days after, Megan?s dead body turns up in the forest.

Soon, Rachel finds herself suddenly engrossed in the murder case. Rachel does some investigation herself, until she discovers something so disturbing that she almost risks her life and sanity for it.

If you like big movie twists, we strongly suggest that you skip reading online reviews of the book as they could potentially ruin the movie for you.

What do you think of Girl on the Train? Just by looking at the trailer, do you think it will it be a blockbuster movie or a flop? Do you think this would earn Emily Blunt an Oscar nomination? Share your thoughts here.

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