Attention iOS and Android Mobile Users: Twitter Now Lets You Embed Tweet Within A Tweet

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Twitter is now testing a new mobile app feature that will enable select users to embed a tweet within a tweet. And yes, since this can only be viewed across mobile devices, PC users will have to wait before this feature becomes available on desktops.?

A lot of tech companies are really paying attention to mobile and its increasing power over millions of users all over the world. One company in particular, Twitter, is trying to address an important detail in its mobile user interface – instead of just seeing links, users can embed a tweet within a tweet.

It may seem simple, but this is an important and brilliant step into making Twitter’s mobile experience better. Tweets are only limited to 140 characters, and this extra feature will make sharing tweets more efficient. The tiny bursts of information that we usually get from Twitter will be more compact and sleek at the same time. It also saves time (and mobile data) because it lets users see a particular tweet, without having to click on another link. It is basically retweeting simplified – no need to put RT.

Do you want to try how this feature works? Here are some very simple and easy to follow steps:

1. Download or update your Twitter app through Google Play for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

2. Sign in to Twitter. (If you do not have an account yet, sign up and follow the step-by-step guide.)

3. Compose a Tweet as you normally would. Next, copy the specific Twitter link to your message.

Let’s use a tweet from the gorgeous actor Jared Padalecki. (Hurray for #WorldCup2014)Twitter Post example

4. Click Tweet. You should be seeing the actor’s tweet below your own tweet.?Twitter post example 2

Simple isn’t it?

Twitter hasn’t officially announced the new feature – it may still be on beta testing, but it is definitely a good change.

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